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Thread: HPT staff member Justin Burt lieing to the public

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    Thanks for taking the time to chat with me on the phone today and clarify what occurred. Per our discussion, all the comments and messages on social media between yourself and an employee of HP Tuners is being reviewed. As always, we appreciate our customers and are here to support everyone with our products and software. If you encounter an issue please contact us via our Support portal and we will direct your ticket to the appropriate team:

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    Thank you Eddie.

    Glad y?all don?t vote Democrat like people like Shrek.

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    Hey, lack of funds dude, aka Broke1, let's say you are correct in all you have said in this thread in regard to having a used cable for sale and I believe technically, you are; There is no need to get all bent and start calling people here the "D," word. I would find it very interesting and odd if a kool-aid drinking actual Democrat, could take off their diaper while riding public transportation to their shitty government unionized job and ponder buying a used HPT cable to go outside the bounds of CARB and begin to think about modifying their internal combustion engine that they don't own, don't think anybody but the higher ups in the party should own but, have drivers for, to consider purchasing it from you.

    I don't think anybody involved in the passionate pursuit of allowing private citizens the ability to modify their own personal property with a Hardware / Software tool, HPT, could be in good DEM standing as the hierarchy of the DEM establishment has made it very clear that we, the freest society ever put together in human history, is setting up the end of it by convincing people to surrender their freedom for security from the laundry list of boogey men, made up hoaxes.

    "See you in court..." now that's blind ignorance that's never had the pleasure of discovering the only "winners," in any court case are the ATTORNEYS.

    Lighten up. "We," are on "your," side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broke1 View Post
    Are you retarded?

    I?ll compare my automotive stuff any day to yours and you?ll cry with jealousy.

    $100k worth of Snap on tools and boxes,lathes,welders,all kinds of speciality tools and tuning programs(I can even tune exotics using Dim Sport hardware I paid $5500 for). I own 8 and 9 sec Grand Nationals(since the mid 90?s),an e55 Mercedes that runs 10s on street tires,a p pump swapped 24v Cummins I bought new and the list goes on and on. I?ve done at least 25-30 LS swaps in the last 10 years as well. Not as many as some but I know what I?m doing,don?t claim to be an ?expert? either but I do school them daily just like I just schooled you ?mr expert?

    I don?t do this for a living,just a hobbiest but I buy the best and know more than 99.9% of the folks who do it for a living,apparently you included since you didn?t even know about the FREE tunes without licensing.

    That an HPT employee jumped on my for sale post telling lies and then accuses me of having a hacked cable is Insane for any DECENT company that cares about its customers.

    Sorry your simple mind can?t see that but then again you call yourself a tooner and said I didn?t know what I was talking about,then I proved you?re a clueless idiot running your mouth who apparently didn?t know about FREE tunes using older firmware and u go off on some tangent about wanting things for free.

    Vote Democrat do you buddy?lmao
    LOVE THE "Vote Democrat do you buddy?" COMMENT. AWESOME!