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Thread: I need help with a swap V6 to V8 . Convert a P59 to run a V8 originally ran a 4.3L V6

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    I need help with a swap V6 to V8 . Convert a P59 to run a V8 originally ran a 4.3L V6

    Guys I need some help. I have a 2003 Blazer that originally came with a 4.3L V6 and I'm swapping a 6.0 LQ4 in it. My plan is to reuse the original ECM (P59) and convert it to run the LQ4.

    All I did was find a V8 file with the same operating system and used the segment swapper to swap in the engine and engine diagnostics from the V8 file . I also removed the VAST and did a "Write Entire" when I flashed it.

    I tried to turn to truck but it's not turning on. I can hear the fuel pump prime with the key on but after I crank the truck the fuel pump stops working.

    Is there something else I'm missing when updating a P59 to run a V8 engine when it was originally used to run a V6?

    I'm including the original file and the file I modified.

    Thanks2003 Swap blazer (Rev 0).hpt2003 Swap blazer Segment swap (Rev 3).hpt

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    Did you update the firing order to reflect the 2 new cylinders?
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    yes, when I did the segment swap for the engine section all that information was updated.

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    May require that you write entire a V8 file onto the computer.

    In doing your segment swap you also told the computer it's a DBW and not a drive by cable as well. Looks like it was a 5.3 flex fuel file as well, so other stuff isn't correct if it's really a 6.0 and running different injectors.
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