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Thread: Camaro ss 2018 modification to E85

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    Question Camaro ss 2018 modification to E85


    I am French (sorry for my language mistakes).

    I have a 2018 Camaro SS that I want to modify for the e85.
    I'll order a GM sensor for fuel. I don't have much knowledge of using HP tuners and would like some help please.
    To begin with, I would like to know if the basic MVPI2 (not the pro feature) with 4 credits would be sufficient to set up my vehicle?
    Is the configuration complicated to do? (I found a tutorial on youtube that looks pretty straightforward).

    Thank you and good day to France where we love your beautiful cars.

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    Alex e85 is great option! 4 credits to license the engine, if you know what your doing on engine side, trans will shift better! This will save you the 250 to unlock TCM plus shipping and downtime and $200 To trans!

    Let me m me if I can help, have a log of customers over the pond

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