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Thread: Cruise Control Inoperative after flash

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    Cruise Control Inoperative after flash

    2011 Cruze LT LUJ auto.
    Speedometer was corrected for different sized tires.
    I see other users reporting that cruise control can misbehave after changes these parameters, but it remained functional for me even after several flashes.

    However after making a change to the X and Y axis of the High Octane spark advance table, cruise control stopped working (nothing happens when you try to engage it).
    Reverting to previous tunes, including OEM (even using "Write Entire" instead of "Write Calibration") does not fix the problem.

    In the logs, cruise control toggles properly and reports an "OK" status.
    The inhibit reason quickly flips between "cancel" and "none".

    The problem was resolved after disconnecting the battery, waiting 5 minutes, and then reconnecting it.
    Its been functioning normally ever since.

    My question is why did this occur?
    Did the specific change to the X and Y axis of the spark advance table trigger some other change that affected cruise control's operation,
    or did I run into the same issue as other users reporting cruise control issues, and was simply really lucky?

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    I am going to have to try the battery disconnect. The steering wheel indicator light is all that was left functioning of my cruise control. My worry is that i had the battery connected a while back with the MAP unplug and the ECU has had a permanent P0107 P2228. Unless i'm totally off base, i would have to complete a few drive cycles with a MAP sensor installed that will function as it was expecting it to when the code was originally thrown?