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Thread: 1.4T Cruze tuning

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    1.4T Cruze tuning

    Hey guys. Getting into tuning and trying to learn. already tuned my Grand prix GXP, and , made some small changes on my CTSV. Those worked great! now my buddy wants to do a crackle tune on his 2014 Cruze 1.4T. its stock other then muffler delete, Ive done some tuning on it, improved spark and fueling up top, it drives and pulls much better now, but im new to the whole crackle/pop tuning. I got it to crackle a little under decel and on shifts, and so on. But not as much as he would like. I did this by turning off DFCO and CFCO. also went in the minimum timing and on decel lowered the minimum to -15. Any help would be appreciated. I can post up a tune file if needed. looking to accomplish something like this

    was also wondering if theres any way to setup a spark RPM limiter enabled with the clutch?

    Thanks in advance

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    Unless you like blowing your motor, stay away from crackles on these. There's a story out there about someone that was "crackle tuned" by one of the Cruze tuners and he went through 5 motors...

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    You should not attempt those kinds of tunes on any car with a catalytic converter.
    The user in the video was running a catless downpipe.

    Even then, I still would advise against using it for the long haul, as it could eventually damage the exhaust valves and turbocharger.
    Honestly, the noise gets pretty annoying after a while. Most people who run those crackle/pop tunes do it for a car meet or something and then switch back to their normal tune.

    I am not aware of any ignition-cut style limiters on this platform.

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    the way to do ignition(spark) cut is under dfco tab go to control method predicted set disable immediate set to pleasable scroll down til u see cmd tq delta go to neutral play with those numbers til ur satisfied