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Thread: Steering angle sensor reset

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    Steering angle sensor reset

    What's up guys. My wife has a 2018 Acadia Denali and it pulls to the right constantly. It has been aligned 3 times and the alignment checks out. It also has new tires, all filled to 30 psi. I'm reading it could be caused by the steering angle sensor needing to be aligned. Will the diagnostic portion of HPT allow me to do that? Really sick of the incompetence at the dealer...
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    No HP Tuners will not. Need Tech2Win or aftermarket scanner. Going into the power steering control module "EPS", center the vehicle. This may take a little time because you are not centering the steering wheel you are making sure the vehicle goes down the road straight. This may mean the steering wheel is a little off if the alignment was incorrectly performed. Do a relearn procedure "centering".