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Thread: Ba xr8 scanner missing a lot of pids

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    Ba xr8 scanner missing a lot of pids

    Hey guys, currently plugged into a ba xr8 , read and write works fine but the scanner has next to no pids , no throttle percentage , no knock retard and about 20 others missing .
    Only have stft bank 1 and timing .
    Running latest stable software from hp.

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    I have had this problem before on a BA XR6T PCM in a standalone config. When I changed the VSS to "ignore VID" I lost most scanner functions.

    Since then I have resolved a similar problem by selecting [comms>re poll for supported paramaters]

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    im having this exact same issue

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    Always repol first however some early BA's do not automatically identify in the HP system. Support can add these, you need to know what is missing (ideally PID ID numbers) also send the Infolog, Debug, an example log ensuring you are on a current version. I have had to do this on two occasions with early BA.