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Thread: LNF tuning

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    Greetings, I've been reading a lot of post on LNF Motors trying to figure out what's going on with a car I just put together. ( off road class ten, ATK LNF 2.0, E69 BOSCH ECM) that starts but only runs 2 seconds then shuts off. I see you all over these posts and looks like you've got tons of knowledge. I see you're in Nevada as am I and was wondering if you know a shop, tuner that could help me out. Thanks Kevin

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    I am only familiar with the Reno area and dont know of many quick ecotecs. This area prefers other platforms.
    The ecu looks for BCM validation from checking the keys. I believe GM calls it Vehicle Thief Deterrent (VTD). If the validation times out due to no BCM present, then it triggers security and shut down. It's been so long i don't remember how to bypass it anymore. I don't follow the ecotec shops anymore, but if Trifecta is still around then you could see if they still offer the BCM delete software.
    I vaguely remember GMTech talking about a key cycle pattern that force the BCM to permit the key to be used, but it only works if the BCM is present.

    Some people are using external wiring to bypass all the ecu circuits that get shut down when VATS kicks in. I dont have the wiring diagrams to look into this so i am a bad source of help. I wish i could help you more than this but I'm getting pretty rusty these days.
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