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Thread: MPVI2 disabled??

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    MPVI2 disabled??

    Anyone every experienced this issue? I already submitted a ticket. Request (9312)

    When I go to my account and try to purchase credits, my MPVI2 states "disabled". I can't resync, and I can't purchase any more credits. Anyone seen this that can maybe provide a quick fix?

    Thank you
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    2007 TBSS-Self tune, bolt ons 12.9@107.3, 1,900 D.A
    1991 GMC Syclone- Self tune/catback 12.8@104, 4,200ft D.A

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    Please open a support ticket so that we can assist you with your issue one on one.
    It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be done in two weeks...

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