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Thread: Need a wideband for a 2001 Corvette?

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    Need a wideband for a 2001 Corvette?

    Looking to get in to a HP Tuner setup and didn't know which AEM wideband to get. I recently did a lot of engine mods and have someone currently tuning the car but would like to learn tuning and be able to fine tune things down the road. The car currently has (4) O2 sensors on it so how does adding the wideband O2 sensor connect to the exhaust? Also before purchasing the HP Tuner hardware do I need the Pro additions?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Typically you would have an exhaust shop add another bung somewhere near or right after the front o2 sensors. And yes you would need the pro feature set in order to easily integrate a 0-5v analog input into the scanner.
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    Thx for the quick response!