Hi guys,

I am working on tuning my L67 engine for E85, and I would like to set up a table in VCM Scanner to log my % AFR error from my wideband into a Manifold Vacuum table to get my Flow Rate vs. KPA graph dialed in. I want to do this because in my mind it would make it easy to adjust that Flow Rate vs. KPA table when I switch between 91 and E85, and also if the E85 from the pump changes in ethanol content a lot (I have a ethanol content gauge and sensor). My problem is, no matter what I do I can't get my table to log Manifold Vacuum properly. I copied the column axis from the table in the editor, and I've tried all 4 manifold vacuum PIDs that show up when I search for it, but none of them work. When I go to log data it stays stuck in the 0 kpa cell. Is there something I am doing wrong, or is it not possible to make a table in VCM Scanner like this? I attached my graph file, and I am using version 4.7.302 Beta.


For reference, I have tried all four of these PIDs