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Thread: Pedal Follower (Who Uses It )

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    Pedal Follower (Who Uses It )

    I have had a play with pedal follower with good results. Wondering if people commonly use it and what have you experimented with with the HYS settings.
    Any feedback or experiences would be much appreciated.

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    There is some good info in this thread:

    I tried setting it up on my platform ('13 Wrangler 3.6 S/C) but I've only got 2 basic parameters to adjust:

    [ECM] 35044 - Desired Throttle Pedal Follower
    [ECM] 35862 - Pedal Follower % Torque Threshold

    Enabling PF mode by dropping the torque thresholds *works* but the jump from idle mode to PF mode is very abrupt no matter what you do with the above parameters.
    Apart from that it does show merit and could be quite useful.

    To try and solve that issue I've asked support for the following parameters to be added:

    [ECM] 35046 - Pedal Follower Percent Airflow
    [ECM] 13552 - Pedal Follower Airflow Hys
    [ECM] 35048 - Pedal Follower Pedal Thresh
    [ECM] 13553 - Pedal Follower Pedal Hyst
    [ECM] 13551 - Pedal Follower Blend Rate

    as I believe they are required to enable a smooth blend between the modes.
    Unfortunately, 3 months have passed now and I'm still patiently waiting for them to be added.

    What vehicle/OS do you have?

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    Mine is an NGC3 CAN Computer.