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Thread: Want to tune transmission

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    Want to tune transmission

    Hey everyone I?m wondering about tuning my transmission changing shift points for performance and get up and go as they say on one file and for mileage and towing a camper on another file. I?m completely stock with my 2006 Cummins 5.9 mega cab auto. Could somebody give me some pointers I?ve tried making charts to see my gear shifts vs rpms but my set up isn?t working. I could use some help there too any advice that you have to help me reach my goals is very much appreciated.

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    The available parameters won?t do much for you for changing anything with your transmission. Lots of unseen stuff that inhibits full control. Pretty much if you make a change in the visible tables, it?s not going to really listen to those tables and just make up it?s own mind for the most part.