Good Morning Everyone,

Been driving my LMM more and well...tranny is starting to annoy me. Running about 70hp tow tune (the 20/20 tune in the sticky with some tweaks). Anyhow, I've found minimal on what helps these things. Its the typical slush even with the Transgo Jr in my opinion until its locked in, so i'd like to lock it a bit earlier much can i up the line pressure as well to firm up the shifts? Tranny feels sluggish to me but no different than a stock tranny. Truck has 206k on it, i did the transmission fluid over winter and what came out was perfect so i think the transmission is in top shape. Installed the Transgo JR at that time. Any thoughts on where to go with TCM tweaks?

I tow minimal weight stuff car trailer, sled trailer, and an 8,000lb camper. Truck has been weight reduced.