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Thread: 3.8 Jeep jk prodigy turbo

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    3.8 Jeep jk prodigy turbo

    Is anyone still running Jeep jk 3.8 with prodigy turbo? How is your tune? Having some issues with mine. Just did it a year or so ago. Rebuilt the engine with forged dished pistons and APR studs. 6 speed with B&M shifter and centerforce clutch. Problem I am running into is a manifold pressure jump. I will be at a vacuum of -6 then uncomanded jump to 0. It makes it hard to hold highway speeds both manually and with the cruise control. I have replaced every sensor, throttle body, accelerator pedal do to a sensor intermittently showing 0 and egr valve. I was having issues at idle with the mixture being all over the place a at times stalling the engine. Anyone have any inputs or thoughts? My tech back ground is aircraft mechanic. I do both turbines and pistons with turbos. But none computer controlled except turbines.

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    Did you ever fix the issue