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Thread: Reserving torque for OP vs just throwing it all in Driver Demand

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    Reserving torque for OP vs just throwing it all in Driver Demand

    I've noticed the stock tune (2.7 TT V6 EB Fusion Sport) caps Driver Demand at 350 but in the OP tables commands 382. In tuning these things, do you folks generally save some for the OP tables over and above Drive Demand values, or just try to make them both as high as you can safely get? I'm thinking if you save some for OP mode you'll get a "burst" of power at WOT which will feel good feedback wise, but if you already had that power commanded by DD I'm not sure how much it matters. What do you all do? Leave a little for OP, or try to make them more equal? Thanks!

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    I looked at this a long time ago and I was pretty sure it was related to octane adjustment, so when using 93 it would request their advertised* max torque of 380, but using lower octane would clip to 350.

    In my opinion I like to have as little variability as possible in the tune so I tend to remove/bump most limiters and tune the requests so you know what you're going to get when you stomp on it. But i have an upgraded intercooler and methanol injection (since like 2k miles, at 32k now) , so ive always felt like I had more leeway to push the motor because the iat2's are so damn good. With mkz turbos I can peak near 23psi and iat2's on a 70* day will drop to 30-40*. I always hope I don't trust in it too much but even at the track after driving there and waiting to run my iat2 was at like 105* and by the time I hit 2nd gear it was at like 50*.

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    Are you talking about tables 44786 and 44789? That are torque limiter tables. I don't believe we use Optimum Power by default or maybe we do, but some choose to disable it (part of VCT tab). I know some Ford EcoBoost or N/A applications zero out the OP spark tables (either BKT or MBT, I forget which).