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Thread: o2 monitor not enabled

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    o2 monitor not enabled

    My brother just purchased a 2011 mustang GT. wont pass emissions because of o2/cat readiness..

    Im not too fancy with ford tables etc.

    When I run my scanner there is no o2 readings. and when i add the channel for o2, catalyst monitors etc they come up NOT ENABLED.

    from what i can see in the tune file the main things that stick out to me are under engine diag>exhaust the o2 monitor and heater monitor is disabled. not sure if that will cause these issues.

    back story car was purchased from a dealership, battery has not been disconnected(to our and their knowledge). etc

    any help? Thank you!


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    The only thing I see different is Engine diagnostics>Exhaust>Current monitor.

    On your tune it is disabled, on stock tunes it is enabled.

    Hope it helps.