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Thread: What is actual Wheel HorsePower Header/CAI/E85 For mustang

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    What is actual Wheel HorsePower Header/CAI/E85 For mustang

    I have tuned a good bit of these 2015 and newer Mustang GTs with Headers, Cold Air Intake, Exhaust, and E85. I cant pull more than 440-450 wheel horsepower out of them on a dynojet 224. Timing is around 28-30 degrees AT WOT, fueling I have set between .85 - .90 Lambda.

    I have heard of some getting 480-500 wheel with this setup, I just don't see how. If so what are you guys doing to get that power? Or is 450 wheel normal on a setup like this?

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    Stock intake mani?

    In your experience have you found more power running more than 30 degrees on e? Planning to check my own setup but doubting there's more beyond fords gas mbt.

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    Headers and E85 they will do 500

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    18 up and would be 500 with headers and e85 I would think rather then the gen 2 on stock manifold