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Thread: 8l90 help before i replace trans and convertor

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    8l90 help before i replace trans and convertor

    I'll try to keep this short and sweet.
    Replaced trans and installed a CD 3200 triple convertor.
    2016 Z06

    Fast learn complete
    Tun update performed
    Plenty of fluid, using the new blue label

    Flares in every shift during light throttle. 1-2 and 7-8 are thw worst.
    Wont hold gears in TUTD under heavy throttle-straight to what feels like neutral
    TcC shudder, or it feels like it.

    Trans file is CD recommended settings. I can send my tune to anyone that thinks they may have any idea on a fix.
    I can also send a fresh scan to you, just lmk what parameters you want to see.

    This is a last ditch effort before i toss the original trans and oem convertor backn in the car....which id rather not do.

    Any help is appreciated. Feel free to call, text, msg, email
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    post the file
    Steve Williams