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Thread: Harrop Supercharger on 2007 Tundra Crewmax

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    Harrop Supercharger on 2007 Tundra Crewmax

    I?m thinking about purchasing a Harrop supercharger for my 2007 Tundra Crewmax.(112000 miles) I know you don?t have to have a tune for the stage 1 but I would feel a lot better. My truck is mostly stock. I have a Voolant intake and true dual exhaust through a Flowmaster 50 suv muffler.(2 pipes in 2 pipes out) I?m about to purchase new Fuel Vandal 18x9 wheels with 285 65 18.(slightly larger than stock) Does anyone have any helpful suggestions to get me started on my build? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!! I?m looking at HP tuning, OVtuning, and DAP. My top choice is HP! I just want my truck to run and operate the best it possibly can! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!

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    HPT is a little different animal than OVT and DAP, as it's only the hardware/software that allows you to calibrate; there isn't any tuning provided out of the box. From the sounds of it you're looking for a solution with a calibration provided for you, which HPT doesn't offer. You can, however, find any number of tuners that utilize HPT to simply tune the truck for you - I would suggest looking and/or asking around for one local to you.

    If you are interested in learning and practicing the process of tuning your truck, then HPT would be an excellent choice, but understand there are two learning curves: (1) learning the basics of tuning and (2) learning how to apply that information to Toyotas, which have some subtle differences, and there are fewer resources available to help than more common platforms (GM, etc.).

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    DAP was a pioneer in tuning these. if you can get your truck to him to tune the harrop that would be good. His tunes dont offer remote tuning for the superchargers. if you want a full on custom tune hp tuners is great. But i suggest you study the basics on how efi works and what engines like. theres still not alot of info on these truck on the forums. if you purchase the tuner before the blower you can tinker with it in NA form which is way more forgiving.
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