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Thread: First v6 supercharger car

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    First v6 supercharger car

    I'm having a heck of a time figuring out a good set of channels and configurations to run tuning this car. I have a 2006 pontiac grand prix gt that I have put long tube headers and 3 inch exhaust cold air intake ngk tr6xi plugs. And before I go to change the pulley or any other mods I wanna try and nail down this tune as much as possible before doing more. Will have a wide band installed and running through a pro feature set

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    There isn't much to log on those cars.

    Your basic channels list is kinda all you need. RPM, Speed, Injector pulse width avg, Knock retard, Cylinder airmass, MAP, MAF, o2 sensor, Commanded AFR or Lambda (eq ratio), Spark Timing, IAT sensor, Coolant Temp.

    I'm sure you could add more stuff depending on what you need to see.
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    Here are my channels, these are for a 2005 with an L67. Might get you in the right direction. You can discard the EQ error - 1 charts you won't need them.
    W Body Charts.Charts.xml

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    Let us know when it's done! When starting the tuning process, there is a general pre-tuning checklist that you need to know. For example, electrical issues can be a complete nightmare, and more so while trying to tune your supercharger car. Also, in a supercharger application, fuel system delivery and operation are important for fueling super high power levels. One small issue in the system can cut you short of your desired horsepower level. According to, all cylinders should have good compression. A general rule of thumb is not having more than 20 psi of compression variance between cylinders.
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