HI guys,

My tuner and I are kinda stuck at the moment with a annoying tuning issue. We were giving the car a health check up & touch up tune on the car on the dyno.
A fair few months ago, my car was tuned and it made 427hp with zero tuning issues. A month or 2 later, I accidently blew the auto transmission up (snapped input shaft). I sourced a 2nd hand auto box from a wreckers. Put the box in and loaded up the TCM tune file back onto it with turning down the shift pressures.

When we were on the dyno a few days ago, We were getting P0121 code "throttle position sensor A". Nothing on the tune file from when it made 427hp previously to the dyno tuning session a few days ago was altered exception to the shift pressures being turned down. Does the throttle body need to be changed or is it a torque table in the tune causing it? Weirdly there was no issues few months ago when tuning it and it made 427hp and now there is a tuning issue?

I noticed when I replaced the auto transmission, I noticed the intercooler pipe going into the intercooler blew off so for some weird reason im thinking that when i blew the trans, it must of fucked the throttle body in the process???

Is there a way to fix the P0121 ? New throttle body? Torque management tables?