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Thread: Qstarz BL-818GT Support?

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    Qstarz BL-818GT Support?

    Are there any plans to support the Qstarz BL-818GT? It is a BLE unit with 10hz and built-in g-sensor. Currently any efforts to get it to work with TrackAddict have failed. It is a different/newer unit than the Qstarz 818XT.

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    No plans at this time, but we are aware of it and can revisit later. The problem in supporting most of these BLE GPS units is that each one is likely to use its own custom format rather than being universal like classic Bluetooth with NMEA, so now we're in the predicament of having to evaluate the ROI on each and every one that we want to support, when there are still plenty of other features we'd rather spend our time on that could benefit most everyone.