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Thread: VE tuning 2010 5.7 Jeep Commander

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    VE tuning 2010 5.7 Jeep Commander

    Curious and looking for insight from you guys with experience.

    I'm pretty new to Dodge, its clear that MAF sensors weren't used in this 2010 5.7. From my perspective this makes getting the VE tables all the more important.

    So when I look at the VE tables in the stock calibration (I checked a couple of tunes from the repository and my stock reads look pretty typical...).. I think the stock VE tables are crap, they are notchy, there is no way the actual volumentric efficiency of this glorified air pump is that erratic.

    Here's a pic of the stock read for bank 1 (bank 2 is essentially identical so adds no value to post both banks here).

    stock 5.7 HEMI Jeep Commander VE Bank 1.PNG

    And here is another image, this is after I logged data to build histograms logging ST+LT FT by bank, then adjusted the table with paste-mult %-by half, about a half dozen logging trips to ultimately bring the trims in line across the board, and then applied smoothing to the table overall get rid of most of the really stupid peaks and valleys.

    stock 5.7 HEMI Jeep Commander VE Bank 1 after a few rounds of adjustment and smoothing.PNG

    I guess I'm just curious, do you guys have to re-work the factory VE tables frequently on these HEMIs? Or perhaps I'm having no effect at all because there is some other part of the ECU software that makes the VE table obsolete?

    I recall on my 2009 Challenger SRT8, it was a similar kind of mess in the stock VE tables.

    The effort I put in does seem to dial in the fuel trims, and there's much less %trim in various areas of the histogram now... so I can see it improved that part specifically...

    It just makes me wonder if this is so common, and nobody does anything about it, does VE table calibration really even matter? On my 2016 Chevy SS the stock VE tables were so bad if you failed the MAF sensor the car wouldn't even run... i had to completely rebuild the VE tables and got the car to run as good or better than when the MAF was in control... not such a big deal since the car had the MAF... but on these Dodge's with only speed density, I would have thought this VE stuff would be super critical.
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    Are you running with the ANN and VVT disabled? Those two VE tables are active only when the ANN is disabled.

    Yes the ~2010+ use the ANN to estimate VE. the ANN can be tuned using the Neural Network Trainer.
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