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Thread: TCM bricked?

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    Unhappy TCM bricked?

    Okay, so I have an 09 6.1l challenger(nag1).

    I hit ?write entire? on my TCM during a flash, apparently I was not supposed to. Wasn?t told this.. so it timed out. Anywho, my car is now In limp mode. Throws the ?lost communication code.? I have tried reflashing the stock tcm file? it timed out again.

    Yes, the battery was disconnected beforehand. The battery has a charge and I even stuck an extra charger on the battery while trying it. No accessories are plugged in and I also removed the radio fuse. No luck there. Emailed hpsupport.

    Per hptuners support, I have done the following:
    Changed computer settings to high performance mode
    Disabled USB selective settings
    Disabled power saving in root hub, under device manager
    Updated VCM editor to the latest beta software

    Repeat the re flash of stock tune.

    No luck.

    While checking the wires to the TCM to see if there?s noticeable damage.. I discovered there was a Tranzformer gen 1 tucked behind it. Had no idea it was there.
    Was told by hptuners and my private tuner that this could?ve likely caused the disruption of communication..
    so I unhooked it, tried to re flash, no luck. Tried to re read the tcm with and without the transzformer plugged in, still no luck. It actually doesn?t even bring up the tcm as a read option when I try that.
    I emailed the support for company that makes the tranzformer, to see if maybe there?s a setting I can access that has to be changed that could be causing it.. haven?t heard anything back yet. I downloaded the app for that transformer, plugged it in and nothing shows up for it.

    I feel like I?m out of options and just need to get a new tcm.. if I have to, that?s fine.. but does anyone else also know if the transformer is fried? Or how I can tell? I don?t know anything about them. Or if anyone has something else to try based on all this info, I?m all ears

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    ya lo intento escribir en calibracion? en banco?