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Thread: lq4 high idle no vac leaks

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    lq4 high idle no vac leaks

    hello. i have 1986 s10 that recently had a lq4 with a powerglide. i swapped out the powerglide to a 4l80e and did a Manuel valve body to the trans. also swapped out the headers with mid lengths. the engine is stock except for the 243 heads. the pcm is from the same van that i got the engine from. im using hp tuners and the main thing i touched was vats, egr, rear o2, and maf delete ( im going speed density) and deleted all the tranny codes. i did all this when i had the powerglide and now when i swapped in the 4l80e ( which i dont think should do shit) the idle hangs too 2500 and wont come down. the pcm is tuned right now for VE open loop

    the things i tested
    iac is brand new from ac delco
    tps is .5v at 0% and 4.56 at wot
    smoke tested the intake with rockers loosened no leak.
    new manifold gasket
    got another pcm from a 6.0l DBC bought the points for the pcm and still nothing 4
    compression tested 170 +- all cylinders
    truck is grounded correctly
    also for some reason my iac counts shoot down to zero form what the scanner is telling me

    Please help me thank you

    Please help because i have no freaking idea what too do next
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