I'm in process to tune 2 Camaro V6 1999 (Manual) and 2002 (Automatic), but it give me hell because the most importants channels aren't supported??

The 2002 have half of the channel of the 1999 and the 1999 don't have the Cylinder Airmass channel.

I need to use the 1999 OS to tune the 2002 because I can't log with the 2002. But with the 1999 OS the automatic transmission can only drive in 3rd (or 2nd if I shift manually). I already put the 4L60e table in the 1999 OS.
Any suggestion?

I trying to see why I have knock from 40% TPS to WOT with E85 (LTFT/STFT +/-2% error) with stock spark table, but without Cylinder Airmass.... Or maybe there a Math to guess all the calculation?
Is there any possbility that the MBT Max Torque Timing is the culprit for the knock retard? (All the Torque Management is zerout)

MPVI2 + VCM Suite 4.10.5
1999 OS : 9369323
2002 OS : 9387333