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Thread: 2004 tuning and questions

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    2004 tuning and questions

    Bare with me I'm new to the 03-05 Cummins tuning. I've tuned Duramax's with EFI live and 07-09 trucks with EFI live I've got some questions.

    #1 I need a 2004 stock tune file from some one and if you have one THANK YOU in advance.

    #2 What is the best way to go about writing a tow tune and a fuel economy tune?

    #3 What should be safe zones on a 2004 like a safe timing to stay under, rail pressure, and microsecond?

    Help is much appreciated thank you!

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    For stock tune you need to read the truck you wanna tune

    Tow/economy tune need some pressure and timing to have good atomization and kind of cylinder pressure(more torque)

    Safe level...max 2950us max 24000psi max timing 31?
    03 cummins,250hp nozzle,dual cp3,s467.7/83 1.00
    Nv5600 with valair triple disc clutch