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Thread: New to HP Tuners, Mystery Cam 6.0 LS1, Closed Loop Help

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    New to HP Tuners, Mystery Cam 6.0 LS1, Closed Loop Help

    Hi Friends!

    I'm new to HP Tuners, I've used it in the past to basically turn off VATS on stock engine LS Swaps that my shop is just starting to get into.

    I have a customer's car that he thought had a bone stock 5.3, when we replaced the rear main seal we discovered it's actually a 6.0 and has some kind of mystery cam in it that isn't stock, customer has no idea what cam / specs.

    The car came in with a carb, we've converted it back to EFI using a JEGS fabricated intake manifold, 102mm throttle body, an eBay wiring harness, and a PCM out of my buddy's wrecked suburban.

    I'm having 2 issues that might really just be 1 issue. The car won't go into closed loop on its own, and it sometimes makes popping noises. If I command closed loop it runs significantly better.
    I'm using these o2 sensors
    My suspicion is that these o2 sensors are wrong, aren't working, etc. but at this point I'm just guessing and I would love some expert advice before I spend any more money.
    So my questions are basically: why won't this go into closed loop? Are these o2 sensors working? if not what o2 sensors should I get?

    The times in this log file that it goes into closed loop are when I manually command it through the scanner.

    Thank you so much in advance for your help and advice, again I'm new to this so I apologize if I've left out any important information, please let me know what you need and I'll provide info as quickly as I can.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Log shows O2 sensors are MIA. No wonder, being Random Letters Assembled Into Something That Looks Vaguely Like A Brand Name Chinese Super Best Sensor Co Ltd.

    Please, for the love of whatever, do not use parts like that, on anything.

    AC Delco. Denso. NTK.

    Not 'Oflrupstkm' or whatever made-up name each exporter uses for the bullshit parts that all come out of the same Chinese factory. Stop buying that crap.

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    Can't help customer supplied parts. I'll order some AC Delcos.

    Thank you.

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    The O2 sensors are not working, and the tune will certainly needs some help once you get them working.
    For now, replace the O2 sensors. Once they are working, you can get the tune dialed in.
    Here are a few tips that'll help.
    Disable engine Abuse mode by inserting a high RPM value in that field...7000 rpm.
    Disable traction control by zeroing the Retard vs RPM table.
    Disable torque management by zeroing the Spark Retard vs Torque Reduction table.
    After that, you can begin dialing in the VE table by disabling the MAF and forcing it to SD mode.

    Feel free to email me if you need help or if you'd like to dial it in for you.

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    Thanks Kevin!

    I've sent you an email and I'll be in touch again once I get the new O2 sensors installed.