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Thread: 370z pop tuning

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    370z pop tuning

    I figured out how to get my 370z to pop and bang. However, it was a little tricky. This was because there is no way to turn off DFCO and the timing tables are not a 1:1 correlation. So, I had to mess around with the timing tables quite a bit to figure out which one actually makes a difference. The trim adjustment table for the low det. and/or the high-octane section is what I found to actually make a difference in timing. So I retarded the timing between 2.4k-5.2k rpm and 8%-24% engine load range to -60 (you might not need to go that drastic but that is the number I got to actually get my timing low enough to actually achieve my pop goal). I also set my max timing retard to -15. Now, this is all I touched to get it to where it could pop. To actually get it to pop I had to press just a smidge on the pedal, not enough to actually maintain speed or start accelerating, while in that rev range so as to not overshoot the engine load and keep DFCO from coming in. This would produce a continuous stream of pops.

    How I achieved this might be completely backwards from how some do it but this is what worked for me and my 370z.

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    send me a file and ii will revise it for you

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    Why not just post the solution?

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    I get it, or with UpRev. I was hoping for HPTuners solution.