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Thread: Any LM2 3.0 Duramax Updates

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    Any LM2 3.0 Duramax Updates

    Just wondering if any @ HP Tuners has an update on the I6 3.0 LM@ Duramax unlocking?

    I know it's new, but wasn't sure if it used the same style stuff as the L5P...?


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    The LM2 in Global A applications uses an E46, and in Global B applications (2021+ Tahoe / Suburban / Yukon / Escalade) uses an E66.

    So, no, it's not the "same style stuff" as the L5P (E41).

    Which is, of course, unfortunate.

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    Thank you sir,
    I knew that the global A was E46, but didn't realize that global B was yet another one the E66.

    Sorry my message is a bit cryptic LOL. "Same stuff" as in same encryption technique.

    Yes very unfortunate indeed.

    Support says that they are working on it.

    Would be great to have the same or better options than the E41 from the L5P.

    Have someone that wants us to do a LM2 swap
    Will have to hold off until we hear more from HP

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    3.0 would be nice