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Thread: 2011 Ford E350 5.4L

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    2011 Ford E350 5.4L

    Hello, I just acquired a 2011 E350 shuttle bus with the 5.4L V8, seeing it is not on the supported vehicle list.
    What are my options for tuning? ECU swap to 2012+ possible?
    Thanks in advance!

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    what all do you plan on doing to it?
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    08 Club wagon. Bone stock 5.4 2v. I am a serial modder and cannot leave it stock lol. Vacation and Tow vehicle.

    Had an unmarried Diablo InTune. I flashed the canned performance tune in there, helped some with towing and improved MPGs a little. Less than 1mpg, but measurable.
    Will not correct speedo for tires or gears. Changes flash/save, no errors, but speedo reads same.
    I really should datalog it and actually dial it in, lol