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Thread: Ecodiesel Tuning help for everyone

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    Ecodiesel Tuning help for everyone

    Not sure why I got listed as spammer for my reputation, maybe I posted too much.

    So for those of you who are interested in tuning the ecodiesel I have a YouTube that teaches people how to tune, its the same screen name as my username here.

    If anyone posts questions on here of what they need help with I will make a video explaining it, minus showing the delete part of tuning as technically hptuners doesn't support that, but if you need that done to your file we do do it for a fee.

    I have been doing the Ecodiesels for my business for over a year now, mainly through other programs but the hptuners deleting has started to become popular so we are pushing to make more videos for hptuners and ecodiesels to help people out.

    Hptuners has given you about 1% of the tables these computers have but that 1% is about 95% of the tables you would use minus some stuff for emissions.

    A few tips I can give you right away

    Under turbocharger leave anything to do with mode 3 and mode 7 stock, messing with those tables will cause you to get a p0299 if not done correctly so dont just copy and past all of your boost tables over theses.

    Do not shut off code p0299 underboost or p0234 overboost - these codes have masks that are not attached to them, shutting these codes off will cause a limp mode when they are flagged with no check engine light to back it up.

    Always shut off u0100 in the transmission codes as it will always throw a u0100 everytime you tune it and its annoying as hell and can scare customers

    In the transmission shut off codes p0219 and p215c these two codes will cause a limp mode if they detect wheel speed issues when spinning out in gravel and snow, also annoying.

    When you tune the transmission change all trans tables to target 3300-3500 rpms for wot shift, the bottom ends on these are weak and they don't make any power higher then this so you're absolutely causing issues if you're trying to spin to 4200+ like our friends up north.

    When you do do trans tuning start off slow by only taking away 10% tm from main tm table, do not ever take anything away from forced torque intervention and make sure if you take away tm that you increase shift pressure by 10psi if you took away 10% tm.

    Also do not change the max torque number in the transmission tuning as it will cause a u0403 limp mode and some vehicles you can't shut that off

    Vane tables, if you're trying to make it exhaust break only make the max number 95% and only do it in the top row, if you do it in the second row you may cause low driving situations to go from 95% vane to 30% vane or whatever is in the next row and make the vehicle pulsate on highway.

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    stock WOT shift points for my 2021 are 3650 - 3900

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    hi Reckless Motorsports

    thank you very much i have been having quite a few issues using HPTuners software. so I have been doing very minimal. I did how ever find that the upstream presser sensor transfer function table is incorrect compered to the Bosch data sheet I have found it easer to calibrate when the data is right to start with. am currently looking for the Bosch data sheet for the HFM6 MAF with no luck so far. this is purely hobby based, self teaching. I'm hoping your videos will help.

    Bosch 3bar OEM CAL.pngWK2 Bosch 3bar 0 281 006 076.png

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSLSE20B View Post
    stock WOT shift points for my 2021 are 3650 - 3900
    Do you have a Stock File off your '21 you can post up?