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Thread: Noob with idle issues

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    Noob with idle issues

    Good morning all

    I've been struggling with my tune unfortunately my tuner closed shop ( stupid covid ) now I'm sorta stuck with an incomplete tune. Could use some help.
    Due to the weather i cant drive the car ( so no scanner file ) but I've included the current tune in the car.

    I've got 2 issues the car hold its idle way to long when coming to a stop it will idle at 1500rpm and hold it there for 5-10 second before dropping down to 950. It will also "cruise the car" when decelerating in gear. ( throttle crackers issues??)

    The car really really stinks at idle ( heavy fuel smell) it has 2 high flow cats in it. ( injector pulse length at idle ??)

    Mods are Full Tony Mamo top end
    AFR 215 heads ( ported)
    227/231 cam 114 lobe lift .613/.617
    102mm intake manifold ported
    102mm throttle body
    100 mm Lingenfelter MAF
    39lb fast injectors
    1 3/4 American Racing long headers with cats
    still a 346ci

    Any help would be really appreciated

    btw the car pulls a 477 rwhp and 403 tq.

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    A datalog would help us more than anything else to determine if it really is too rich or too lean. At this point, we really can't say for sure.
    I can tell you that the tune is set up to run on the MAF only.

    You can disable the throttle cracker table by increasing the Enable speed to 255 and that'll fix your high idle issue.
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    As soon as the weather warms up ill start her up and post a datalog.

    Is that a good thing or bad thing that its running off the MAF only?