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Thread: Nissan VQ40 Frontier Tuning

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    Nissan VQ40 Frontier Tuning

    Hi all, new to the board, but a long time tuner. I am dabbling into tuning my personal 2019 Frontier on HPTuners, wondering if there are any others out there and your results with tuning the VQ40.

    My biggest issue with the stock binary is the various limiting systems that seem to kick in at random, even on the highway in good traction. Speaking with other owners this is a common issue over the years, many physically modify sensors to reduce this affect, ie the traction control system seems to kick in intermittently, even when disabled, I was hoping for access to those tables, but noted the binary definitions are fairly limited. The majority of the tables are blank, including Transmission, but was grateful that there were 7 Categories available under Engine (as of 01/2022), even if it does think the displacement is 5.6L on the stock ECM downloaded map (server issue?).



    Was hoping to create a thread to gather some intel on tuning these, choose to go with HPTuners over UpRev on this chassis as historically, many tables are added on a regular basis. It would be great to see some VVT/Cam Angles tables as well if they become available, I am sure there is some midrange available there, at least there has been typically.

    Curious to see others experience working with Hptuners on this Chassis.

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    I started to tune my 2010 Xterra Off Road but I kind of regret not going with UpRev. Not much info/support as of right now unfortunately.