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Thread: 2nd ECU

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    2nd ECU

    I have a 17 LGZ V6 in a ZR2, it has the trifecta tune. I want to learn to do my own tune with HP Tuner but I want to keep the Trifecta tune as is. Can I buy a 2nd ECU and have it married to my truck (VIN I assume). 1 ECU with the Trifecta and 1 ECU I can play with.

    I've played with the editor and have a couple of Colorado V6 tunes to look at.


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    You can do this, but in addition to purchasing the correct ECM, you also need to use GM's programming tools to program it, set the VIN properly, perform an immobilizer learn, and perform a CASE learn.

    If you have trifecta, you could just use their software to return to stock, then do your hpt stuff with it.

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    I've had the Trifecta for about 3.5 years, over this time I've done Exh, CAI, ported TB. It felt like each mod needed a few hundred miles to really feel like I had done something. I really like the way the truck runs now and really want to keep this existing tune with any learned parameters intact. I'm not really sure if that is how it works. You've given me info I can study, thanks.