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Thread: Sct/hptuners question

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    Sct/hptuners question

    So a shop that installed my parts on my mustang used HPTuners to pull my stock file and email tuned my car with somebody out of state

    I was wondering would I be able to upload that stock tune file back onto my car with a SCT even though he used hptuners to pull that file?

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    Did you flash car with the HP software or you just pulled the stock calibration? If all you did was pull the file with HP tuners then yes you can use the SCT tuner. Always, if you tuned it with HP tuners then you need to return to stock with HP tuners and Vise Versa SCT. You can flash over at your own risk with either software, there is a difference in software which could corrupt the PCM. Hopefully i answered your question.