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Thread: Ac_Delco_ E-41_L5P_BIN FILE_FOR FREE

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    Ac_Delco_ E-41_L5P_BIN FILE_FOR FREE

    This bin file is hard and expensive to come by but i did mange to get my hands-on the bin and it worked out perfect for my u just have to work user defined parameters cause the bin to hpt. in Tune Translation doesn't work it took my money and gave me a file that u cant use do to checksum error. The funny thing is i spent a 100 on an original file for E 41 to test and no luck there cause that file had checksums error as well. So figured i can give back to everyone with this bine file hear it.

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    I'll wait for someone else to figure out of this is a virus or not

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    You first haha
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    Just looked through it... yea - this will not work. lol

    So many people getting ripped off.
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