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Thread: E92 ECU question

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    E92 ECU question

    Bought a 2017 LT1/8L90 from a Camaro donor. Local yard is storing the unit but I had them pull the harness, ecm, & tcm so I could begin prep for install. The tcm / serv 24279973 I?ve verified is year correct for the Camaro BUT the ecm/ serv 12674052 is year correct BUT NOT for Camaro. I have read this is a no-no for 2017 & up to be mix & matched components even though I plan to use the combo in a 85 c10 I?m building. Please help TIA
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    12674052 is shown as having been superseded by 12704476, and, yes, neither of these appear to be correct for a 2017 LT1/8L90

    There are really only two versions of the E92, one of them is pre-2017 model year, and the other is 2017 and up, so this might be a pre-2017 ECM, and, yes you would not want to use that with a TCM from a different model year.

    Not a definitive answer, I know. You can try calling a local parts department at a GM dealership and ask them whether that fits, say a 2017 Camaro SS.

    Good luck

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    Do you have a way to read the file from it yet?