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Thread: 6L80E Clutch Pack Failure

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    6L80E Clutch Pack Failure

    I recently experienced clutch pack failure in newly built race-spec 6L80E after only 6 dragstrip passes. My transmission builder thinks there may be an issue with the Engine tuning parameters and asked to see the ECM tune from my tuner. My tuner is hesitant to release the ECM tune to the trans guy. It apparently has to do with "Delivered Engine Torque" being less than the actual torque.
    Can someone explain this issue and what PID's to check on the VM Scanner?
    Thanks in advance.

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    The engine torque tells the trans how much line pressure to apply. E.g. you're making 1050Nm on the dyno but engine torque PID shows only 500Nm, the line pressure will be way to low and the trans will burn out in no time.
    Trans Engine Torque is what I would log. Ideally what you want to see is dyno rwNm + 130Nm at a minimum. It doesn't have to be spot on accurate.

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    If it burnt up that fast I’m going to say it’s in the build… I’ve seen a lot of bad trans tunes over the years and even those seem to last awhile

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    If you're the guy paying both of these people, I see no reason why he should be hesitant to show the tune. It's your money that is being spent here.
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