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Thread: 2,0T LTG ATS Boost leak test question

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    Question 2,0T LTG ATS Boost leak test question

    I wanna do a boost leak test. Can i put pressure directly into the turbo inlet. Are there any lines that i have to remove? All the lines for the PCV system have check valves correct? If anyone has any pointers that would be great Thx in advance

    also would cause an under boost code and or turbo surging correct?
    p0299 is the code
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    Typical pressure test pressurizes air from the turbo to the throttle body by inserting a plug into the charge pipe at the throttle body connection.
    Pressure testing the manifold isn't common practice because the air will go through the cylinder that has open valves (overlap) and bleed off pressure. Pressure is a byproduct of restriction so if the overlap is to great for your air supply, then you wont build significant pressure.

    P0299 is a turbocharger low performance code which means its underproducing.
    Could be many things:
    • Vacuum line issue
    • wastegate control solenoid issue
    • boost leak
    • damage charge air cooler
    • turbine flange leak or exhaust manifold leak (blown gaskets or broken studs)
    • Recirculation valve failure
    • wastegate mechanical or sealing failure
    • damage to turbine or compressor wheels (usually means the turbo is toast)

    May be a long list but it could also be things not mentioned. Long list of things to inspect. Look at the most common first, damage to coolers, blown couplers, blown gaskets, and damaged vacuum lines. If those don't correct anything, then start diving deeper.
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