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Thread: WTH - HPT failed gear ratio = back in tuner hell

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    WTH - HPT failed gear ratio = back in tuner hell

    Correct me if I'm wrong but you better have more proof than I do. HPT can not adjust Diff gear ratio for shit. Stupid me I spaced for a min and changed tire size which has you change the gear ratio before you get to that adjustment. I didn't do a gear ratio change, I have in the past that's why I went through this hell already. When I went from 3.91 to 3.06 I kept getting transmission control module incompatible and I couldn't figure out what was going on. Well brand new PCU custom programmed as well as a hemi high performance transmission control module custom programmed and everything seems to be working. The old timer at hemi high performance tells me that HPT can't change the rear gear ratio correctly in the Dodges and that's my whole problem. So pretty much following my exact steps of idiocy that I did before I grabbed a Diablo programmer and just tried to update my gear ratio with that because that will go through correctly. Well along the line somewhere it downloaded a custom calibration and reprogrammed my PCU and don't you know, the good old boys at Diablosport, they round up or down in their versions of software. So if you do a restore or rewrites it'll rewrite to the closest version that they have a tune of to what you have. Unfortunately that program number will not match the program number in your HPT licensing, causing you to have to relicense your car all over again. I do not know if I'm at that stage because I've already re-licensed twice for the last time Diablo blew my shit up. This is one of the most annoying irritating time consuming puzzling chaotic things I've had to figure out on this car with all the swaps and changes I've done. I am completely blown away that HPT does not have a service bulletin or some type of technical update when you open that window or something saying "Hey! Stop! We can't fucking adjust that rear gear ratio on your car even though we have the tool available to you so, you shouldn't run it, otherwise it'll screw up your transmission control module and give you a check engine light. This is the only issue that I have with hpt and it's a huge one right now because I'm sitting in my car fuckin around with a Diablo again trying to get my stupid calibrations all back to what they were before I decided to change my stupid tire size, dummy me.

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    Welcome to the world of HP Tuners... More wrong with things in HP Tuners than just your gripe on axle ratios