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Thread: iPhone 12 to Windows 10

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    iPhone 12 to Windows 10

    Complete novice here. Apologies if this is plastered all over the forum. I am trying to get video from my iPhone 12 to my laptop. I could not render the video to my phone due to size. So I connected my phone to my laptop and copied the .mov and .csv files over. I then launched RR and created new project and selected the .mov file. I immediately received the HVEC error message. I downloaded and installed the MS HVEC app...although I'm not sure what that really did in this case. So I'm stuck and don't know what to do from here. The file plays fine on my laptop, but I can't get it into the RR app.

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    Would the advice in this post help?

    H.265 hasn't worked particularly well for me in RaceRender thus far, but if I converted the files over to H.264, then everything worked smoothly. Even something simple like importing the video into some other video editing software, and then exporting it as is in a different format was enough for me.