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Thread: MPVI2 RPM signal output to Dynojet PowerCore software while data logging - How?

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    MPVI2 RPM signal output to Dynojet PowerCore software while data logging - How?

    Is there a way to output vehicle RPM (tach) signal from the MPVI2 to Dynojet PowerCore software via CAN or Bluetooth?

    I am trying find an easy way to get a clean tach signal to Dynojet Dyno and datalog HPTuners while making a dyno run.

    I can connect via an ELM327 and get a tach signal to the dyno, but I need to have the MPVI2 connected at the same time to datalog.

    Maybe I missing something and there's a better way. I tried searching the forum and came up with nothing.

    I have an OBDII Can adapter plug that can be plugged in between the MPVI2 and data port. This is normally used for a Wideband signal input while datalogging with HPTuners.
    Is it possible to use this for an output for reading vehicle RPM CAN data into the Dynojet PowerCore software?

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    No. You need a black box that reads the rpm and outputs it as a pulse.

    Cheapest option, back probe a coil or injector or use spark lead pickup.

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    You can setup the new dynojet software.. well for years now.. to use Gear ratio as a RPM source. This only works with locked up torque converters and manual transmissions that do not slip.

    Very reliable. Very repeatable. Good way to do things. In the tach setup, choose gear ratio.. There will be a calibrate box near it.. I usually hold the car at 3000 RPM (by the scanner) in the gear i"m going to make a pull in and hit calibrate.
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