I am confused, I have my max boost set to 33 (33 - 14.7 = 18 psi roughly) on my 2013 sonic 1.4T, it has larger turbo/cam/intake/exhaust/valve springs/ported head and intake man. Now I understand a few lbs. of boost over the max from the overboost table and surge limits, maybe a couple other tables, and I think that's usually why I run around 21 lbs. or so. However, in my last 2 logs, it will all the sudden take off like a rocket and my boost goes well above 43 (or 28lbs.), my PE is commanding .78 and its hitting like .71 which puts my IDC to over 100% and what looks like unburnt fuel (light grey smoke or vapor) pours out of the exhaust. When this happens, the WG goes erratic then closes as shown in the screenshots. What am I missing? I have a cam swap and its got p0016 (cam crank correlation error) but it runs and revs freely, just wondering if this would cause this kind of chaos? it wont let me try a case learn because the code is present. Is this where I should start (I am working on this), or is this WG DC or something else?

709 boost spikes.hpl

709, WG, PDelta, Maf leaned up top.hpt

Screenshot (1).pngScreenshot (3).png