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Thread: LY7 with E55 ECM 2 Bar tune

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    LY7 with E55 ECM 2 Bar tune

    Hi and thank you in advance.
    I have a Holden with a LY7 and E55 ECM that has had a turbo fitted and calibrated at 10 PSI boost.
    The vehicle idles and drives to about 3 PSI boost and then refuses to run well.
    I am what I would call intermediate with HP Tuners and very skilled around vehicles.
    I am told that I need to replace the ECM with something that can be be tuned to 2 Bar.
    My questions are below.
    Do I need to change the ECM to tune ?
    Map sensor change ?
    Best to do speed density tune ?

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    Trying not to sound offensive, but, good luck. Bosch ECU support in the software is limited, and that vehicle didn't really have any other ECU options at that time...