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Thread: Hp tuners for gauges?

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    Hp tuners for gauges?

    I am building a 55 Plymouth with ls power. I am wanting to use a tablet for gauges all the time. Is this possible? Would I have to connect each time I start the car up or is there a way to have it start up automatically?

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    You can set up an Android tablet and either DashCommand (what I use) or the Torque app with a bluetooth dongle. Yes you would have to power it up every time. There are other devices like the Ultragauge which is the cheapest of all of them. AFE makes one but its not worth $500...
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    Torque pro app can be set to start when tablet starts so you don't have to power it up.. It has the ability to be fully customised including dials on home screen and full video integration. (Superimpose dials on video)
    Torque can be set up to fetch data directly via CANBUS , via USB or over Bluetooth. You can make the install as permanent or portable as you wish.
    Their is also a digital racing dash applet available with torque. This includes shift lights
    Torque pro is about $5. Ditto race render and racing dash. $15 all up, plus what ever you chose to use as interface. A ELM327 RUNS FROM $15 - $100 Depending on version.