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Thread: MotoGP Template

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    MotoGP Template

    Here is a MotoGP style template. It includes the circular Lean Angle along with Speed in kph and mph and Throttle/Brake bars.

    MotoGP Template.jpg

    Template: Project - MotoGP.rrt

    Link to the required Font:

    The outer trim color can be changed by updating the first color on the "Lean Circle Obj" as well as the "Number Background Bar" and "Bike Number".

    You can also change the degree angle for each of the different levels if you don't anticipate ever leaning your bike over 60 some degrees by updating the Background Script of the "Lean Circle Obj":
    Level1Max = 30;
    Level2Max = 40;
    Level3Max = 50;
    Level4Max = 60;
    Level5Max = 90;
    The "Lean Circle Obj" assumes that lean angle is presented in degrees with 0 being straight up and -90 leaning fully to the left and 90 leaning fully to the right. If this doesn't fit your input data, just post here, and I can try to adjust it.

    If you actually do have a Gear field, I can look into getting that to cycle around the bottom as well.


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    Wow Bob!! that's amazing!!

    can't wait to test it out!!
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