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Thread: +2020 GT500 AFR and STFT issues on stock vehicle ?

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    +2020 GT500 AFR and STFT issues on stock vehicle ?

    I am currently working on a 2020 GT500 and would like to get some input.

    I made a base tune and started up the car and something seems off, First of all the AFR banks read around %30 in difference for example B1 reads 1.35 when B2 reads 1.05 and If I kept the car idling longer B1 goes leaner into 1.45 and B2 goes into the 1.15 range. A slight foot on the pedal does make a difference as it tries to go into the commanded stoich fuel.

    my other issue is that STFT won't ever come online and always reads a constant 1.0 in both banks and not even a slight pedal or a rev changes that.

    I have tried adding and pulling fuel and have tried everything within the fueling JUST to see if it will make a difference and no it did not make any difference at all.

    Please keep in mind that the car previously had an email tune and I have taken a datalog and everything seemed to be working fine, and unfortunately I couldn't pull the tune as it was locked, so we had to take the car to the dealer to reset the ECU.

    Thank you.

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    Its stock and has never been modded other than the tune? Are you positive the dealer actually returned it to stock?
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