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    14 F150 feature requests

    I've come out with a paddle shifter upgrade for the select shift 11-14 trucks using a Gen2 Raptor wheel and now hoping to do a transbrake tune setup with both paddle shifters pushed in.
    Also working...
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    Need some F150 09-16 love :)

    Need some F150 09-16 love :)
  3. Awesome! Thanks

    Awesome! Thanks
  4. Removing factory ECM, can I still program TCM?

    Factory ECM is getting replaced with ProEFI but I'll still need to program the TCM.
    I'm assuming that without it there that HPTuners will just fail as if the key was off.
    Any way to get a version...
  5. E67 questions - need sensor that reads at 100hz that has timing table attached

    I'm going to try and play around with an aftermarket traction control unit. In working with the guys I'm told I need 0-5 sensor input that reads at 100hz and that has a timing reduction table...
  6. Just bought a used 2011 CTS-V ECU is locked

    If I buy a new ECU off of ebay that is vin coded to my car will I still have to take to dealer to have them code it to the car (with it installed of course) or will it just work?
    The tuner from the...
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